Friday, 2 March 2012

From visitor to resident

A year or so ago we launched our Greeter scheme, where enthusiastic residents meet visitors to the city & show them what they love about Brighton & Hove. Each Greet lasts approximately 2 hours and best of all its completely free. It's a great opportunity to get a personal view of the city, and even if you think the know the place you are bound to learn something new.

As with all of our services we ask visitors who do a greet if they have any feedback or suggestions on how we could improve the service. Yesterday we received some feedback that had us all smiling, I won't retype the whole glowing review but here is a little segment:

Chris was excellent and it was great to look around the city with someone who knows so much and in such a relaxed, friendly way. I sent a thank you to Chris, so hope he got it because we really did have a lovely afternoon and will definitely be coming back to Brighton and, as I mentioned, even live there in the future.

Greets can either be pre-booked through the website at or you can just turn up and join one of the instagreets which run most weekends and for the whole week from the 10-18th March in celebration of English Tourism Week. To find out if an Instagreet is taking place during your visit either contact us through the website or follow us on Twitter.

We can't guarantee that a Greet will make you want to move to Brighton but we think it's safe to say that you'll have fun, learn something new and discover a new side to the city.


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