Friday, 9 December 2011

Shadi Danin

Wednesday night saw the launch of the newly refurbished and fantastic Shadi Danin Medi Spa in Hove (70 New Church Road). We are delighted that they have just become VisitBrighton Partners (Thanks to Jo Brooks PR for recommending us). As soon as I arrived I was ushered upstairs for a dreamy Thai Head and Shoulder massage in a spacious, candlelit room, very calm and peaceful. They do full body Thai massages as well which I hear are amazing too.

Then it was back downstairs to be shown the Japanese Taizen Bath (the only one in Europe). The bath is full of tiny stone ’SGE’ (Super Growth Energy) balls which are soaked in very hot water then drained. When heated these stones emit the same life-giving energy that we receive from sun and the earth. So we all rolled up our trousers and plunged our feet into the hot stones for 20 minutes, the result was amazing, I felt afterwards like I was walking on air; to immerse your whole body in this treatment must be heavenly! It is also very good for reducing body fat, reducing pain from injuries or other aches and pains as well as getting rid of all those nasty toxins.

Finally, much to my trepidation, I was persuaded to have an Obagi facial treatment (skin peal) unbeknownst to me being carried out in an upstairs room by a good friend!! Having stopped laughing nervously I faced the truth and went for it, stinging at first I thought ooooh noooo I don’t like this, but after a few minutes and some cooling lotion this subsided and my skin did feel amazingly smooth, a bit tingly but OK. Phew!

So, all in all Shadi Danin Medi Spa is a wonderful place, offering all kinds of treatments, one we didn’t try was the water tank that you run in (holding weights!) save that for another time!

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