Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Coast to Coast

The city is well known as a haven for foodie fans so the arrival of a new restaurant or bar is always exciting, especially when you get both in the one venue!

Coast to Coast has recently opened at Brighton Marina and is an American restaurant & bar so we popped down to check it out. We were there for a cocktail masterclass and so we didn't sample any of the food although we did see some plates coming out and the smells were getting us salivating.

So when we arrived we headed straight to the bar area. Andy Pearson from the BBC's Saturday Kitchen has been involved and the end result is that this is a proper bar with comfortable booths creating a relaxed atmosphere. In a lot of restaurants the bar seems to have been added as an afterthought and so you just have a quick drink before going to your table, whereas here people are welcome to just pop in for a drink or stay and eat too.

While Coast to Coast is an American restaurant, Andy was keen to stress that this is not simply a gimmick but that every detail has been inspired by America and what Americans enjoy. Therefore you won't just find American brands behind the bar but international names that Americans enjoy drinking. However the most important thing he was anxious to get right was the quality of service. All staff have been rigorously trained in the art of mixology and can happily recommend drinks to customers so if you're not sure what you fancy they'll be able to help.

We had a great evening and will definitely be back again although I think next time I will have to treat myself to some food as well.


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