Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Siobhan Says - Little Bay

I’ll be honest, I’m slightly biased. I visited the Little Bay Farringdon branch a few months ago and loved it (this was mainly due to the opera singer who put his leg up on my table and serenaded me whilst I ate my dinner), so I was extremely excited when I saw that Brighton would be getting its very own Little Bay branch.

I was even more excited when I booked a table for Saturday evening. The restaurant is fantastically decorated as a plush velveted theatre, with ornate neo-classical mouldings adorning booths which offer fantastic views of the pier and now the Brighton Wheel. The food is equally fantastic, with classics such as Moules Marinière, Shoulder of Lamb, Duck Breast and Salmon. Oh, and the chips, cooked in goose fat, are quite simply the crunchiest, tastiest chips you will ever eat.

The Little Bay restaurants are a popular London franchise, and really do offer fantastic value for money. My favourite aspect is that all starters are the same price. As are all mains, and so are the desserts. This means there is no guilt (or pride, depending on who’s buying you dinner) about ordering the most expensive thing on the menu. Everything is equal.

Along with reasonable prices, the house wine is delicious and the staff professional and friendly. The atmosphere is opulent but relaxed, and easily romantic with candles adorning every surface available. We were also entertained by a fantastic opera singer, who provided a background melody whilst also being funny but not intrusive.

The Little Bay truly is a restaurant for all events, be it a good value lunch, a romantic meal for two or for group parties. The only thing holding me back from recommending this restaurant is that I want it all to myself (and those who are buying me dinner!)

Check it out, and let us know what you think!

Siobhan :)


Anonymous said...

Was there anything negative about it?

LoveBrighton: said...

Afraid not! Just a great night out :)

L. Figment said...

Ah! I really want to go now!! Having reccently moved to Brighton (as a student), this sounds like a place I'd LOVE.