Friday, 21 October 2011

Knitting – the new rock ‘n’ roll

The Hotel Pelirocco is a self proclaimed rock ‘n’ roll hotel. Described as a saucy stopover, guests can choose from nineteen themed rooms inspired by pop sub culture and maverick musicians. The playroom oozes sexy decadence, Betty’s boudoir pays homage to ‘50s pin up Betty Page and Pretty Vacant is a punk den with Sex Pistols’ influences.

Nestled among this hedonism is a new room with an unexpected theme - knitting. Traditionally conjuring up images of old women clicking needles and misshapen jumpers made by well-meaning mums, the Pelirocco banishes such old fashioned notions with this knit hit!

Photo credit Andy Nelson

Do Knit Disturb is crafted from floor to ceiling in woolly creations with a Brighton twist. Knitted seagulls hang from the ceiling and adorn the knitted stripy curtains. Pictures of woolly designs hang framed on the wall. Furnishings, including a bedside lamp and the telephone, have been given carefully crafted wool covers. The overall effect is far from fuddy duddy. Instead the room is guaranteed to raise a smile with its cheerful swipe at seaside décor all created out of 500 kilograms of yarn.

The designer behind the vivid room is Kate Jenkins of Cardigan, talented knitting and crochet artist. Kate spent a month transforming the Hotel Pelirocco room using her trademark style of bold patterns and fantastic lifelike items rendered in wool.

The VisitBrighton team took a peak at the new room yesterday. It is as cosy as to be expected of a room made of soft fluffy wool. Yet Do Knit Disturb also exudes a sassy tongue-in-cheek style, putting the fun into funky.

Any guests inspired by their surroundings can have a try at knitting from the comfort of their room, a set of needles and selection of wool balls is available on the dressing table.

Alix and Ruth - knit wits

We quickly decided to the leave knitting to the experts – it’s trickier than it looks!

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