Monday, 7 March 2011

Winter Pride in Brighton & Hove

As Brighton & Hove is so gloriously gay - well LGBT actually but I think you know what I mean - having a Pride Festival once a year just isn't enough for us so we've got two.

Winter Pride is back and there are lots of events going on over the next 10 days all helping to raise funds and awareness for Pride and the LGBT community. So here's just a taste of what's happening this week:
  • Naked Homo at Home! - You can invite the Naked Homo to perform in your own home. Although if that is a bit too up close and personal he is doing a couple of public performances as well... I do love the fact that the website carries a disclaimer warning people that the show contains nudity, surely the clue was in the title!
  • Stop the DJ at The Bulldog - This weekend the Bulldog will be open for a marathon 63 hours, and if at any time the DJ plays something you don't like donate £1 and the DJ will stop immediately.
  • Ms Dynamite at Revenge - The double Brit winner will be staging an Urban takeover of Revenge as for the first time ever the whole night will be dedicated to R&B anthems, UK Garage and Dubstep.
  • Green Carnations and Pansies - The Victorians used flowers to convey hidden messages and secret loves. Gay men and women used green carnations and violets to signify their devotions. In this fun and relaxing workshop you will learn how to make flowers from fabrics and turn them into corsages - tea and cakes included.
  • Danger Boys at the Marlborough Theatre - Enjoy a drink from the bar and stretch your legs in the unique little cinema at the Marlborough. There will be a special screening including some 1940s propaganda warning of the dangers of consorting with homosexuals as well as some retro queer erotica.
These are just a few of the events taking place during Winter Pride, for a full list go to the Brighton Pride website:


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