Friday, 15 October 2010

Simply the (Brighton) Best

Hooray! We’ve got Brighton Racecourse, Brighton Dome and of course Brighton Pier; but now we’ve got Brighton Best! No, for once I am not just bragging about the fact Brighton is the best city as I know you are all aware of that fact by now ;). In actual fact the title of today's post refers to a new beer which was officially launched in the city last night.

Brighton Best is a local beer in every sense in that it has been produced by a Sussex brewery - W J King - and has been brewed especially for, and only available in, Brighton & Hove pubs. But while it has been made and is sold by local people of course visitors are very welcome to drink it too!*

I didn't make the launch event last night and so I haven't had a chance to try the new brew yet, however when I asked my manager John for his review he declared that it was “really lovely – a great tipple” Thanks John for your “expert” analysis however I can't help feeling it is somewhat lacking so instead here is a quote from Head Brewer Ian Burgess: "Colour is light to golden amber. The aroma of Brighton Best combines an astonishingly complex blend of floral hop to light malt with a hint of crystal malt. The mouth feels clean and well balanced with a lingering after palate." Now that's a proper review!

Brighton Best is a light ale which can be enjoyed all evening and of course by buying a pint or two you'll be supporting local business which is great news for everyone. Cheers!

* VisitBrighton supports responsible drinking at all times.


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Anonymous said...

Tried the beer - excellent stuff. What a shame it's only available in Brighton, I guess I'll just have to visit there more often!