Thursday, 21 October 2010

Beach Tennis

There really is no such thing as an average day in our office as we end up having to do a variety of weird and wonderful things, which is why on a fresh October morning I found myself heading down to Yellowave to play beach tennis!

Perhaps I should try and offer some sort of explanation.... A few weeks ago we started working with a local tennis holiday organiser - Pure Tennis Holidays - in order to arrange a press trip for some European journalists from Tennis magazines. Kasia from Pure Tennis Holidays had been doing some research into Beach Tennis which is apparently very popular in Italy and America but it is currently not available in the UK. We agreed it would be very exciting if Brighton could be the first place in the country to host the sport.

Working with Katie at Yellowave, Kasia managed to source the equipment and arranged a taster session. So here is a group shot of the first people to play beach tennis in the UK (should probably add a disclaimer to say as far as we know). From L - R: Kasia Chmielewska - Pure Tennis Holidays; Damo Sulc - Yellowave; Alastair Williams - International Tennis Federation; Julie Pullen - Pavilion & Avenue Tennis Club Head Coach:

And here are a couple of action shots starting with our Marketing Manager John really going for it!

I have to confess I am not naturally the most sporty of people but I genuinely really enjoyed it, it's good fun and the sort of game that anyone can join in and have a go at. Although next time I play I'll have to try and a) return more balls and b) return them inside the court! Anyway we'll let you know what happens and if Beach Tennis does take off remember you saw it here first...

But in the meantime if we've put you in the mood for some beach sports fun then check out to see the range of activities already on offer including a ghoulish fancy dress Halloween tournament.


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