Friday, 9 July 2010

Brighton Handbags

This morning I decided to have a quick look on Google's keyword tool to see what Brighton related search terms are popular at the moment. Of course the usual suspects all appeared: hotels brighton; brighton hotels; brighton centre; cheap brighton; brighton club; brighton holiday and brighton property.

However in amongst these familiar ones I was surprised to see 'brighton handbags' particularly as 74,000 people a month are using this search term! I decided to click on the link to see what came up and it seems that even though I had specified I was only interested in UK results this search term appeared as there is a website in America called Brighton which sells handbags.

But it did occur to me that some of the people searching for 'Brighton handbags' may have been looking for handbags in our Brighton and were getting disgruntled by only finding American sites. So in a rare moment of helpfulness I have decided to list 5 places to buy handbags in Brighton:
  • Beyond Retro - This giant vintage treasure trove will help you step back in time with a classic bag from your favourite decade.
  • Lavender Room - Treat yourself to a beautiful bag from this popular lifestyle boutique.
  • Lovethatstuff - This is Brighton's largest fair trade shop so when you buy a bag here you are supporting a good cause and it will be truly unique.
  • Florestine - Everything in this shop has been inspired by the sea so why not treat yourself to a bag to remind you of days spent on the beach?
  • Last - While Last is known for being a specialist shoe shop they do also stock a range of designer accessories including bags by local designer Neoma.
Of course I must just add that these are not the only places to buy handbags in Brighton there are lots of shops to explore across the city - in the Lanes and North Laine; Churchill Square Shopping Centre; Hove and of course the outlet shops at Brighton Marina.

So there you go you don't have to go to America to get your Brighton handbags after all!


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