Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Relax at Due South

Working for VisitBrighton we spend a lot of time recommending places to visit to visitors & journalists but often we don't get a chance to actually enjoy going to them ourselves.

However yesterday I was able to rectify this by having lunch at Due South. As many of you will know this restaurant is down on the beachfront in between the two piers. We had a prime position, upstairs in the middle of the window, giving us a great view of the beach and all the weird & wonderful people walking by. I was also able to fill a little smug each time someone looked enviously up at us :)

Today when people so often grab a sandwich at the desk or go home and pop something in the microwave it was refreshing to take time out to enjoy a long, leisurely lunch. Most of the food is locally sourced with 80% of the produce coming from within a 35 mile radius of the restaurant. The menu is full of fresh ingredients put together in imaginative ways. Don't worry I won't list the whole menu however I must just include a mention of the rib-eye steak carpaccio with strawberry jelly, which sounds like an odd combination but it works!

The final touch that added to the experience were the staff who were very friendly and welcoming, they were attentive without being overly so. All in all we had a great time, so as it looks like we might actually get a summer this year forget barbecues & fast food instead I suggest you head Due South and enjoy some delicious food as you watch the world go by.


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