Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Video Mapping of Brighton

We all know Brighton is a great city and its easy to wax lyrical about it for ages, but its also an extremely visual city and sometimes images can speak just as powerfully, sometimes more so, than the written word.

Which is why we decided to get involved in a really unique project at the Phoenix Gallery in Brighton, with resident video artist & lecturer Alvaro Collar.

Video Art Mapping of Brighton

Called VAM (Video Art Mapping) Brighton, the project aims to create an online interactive video-artistic Google map of Brighton that is easily viewable and easy for anyone to contribute to and participate in. Most of us have places in the city that we love and with the advent of Iphones and Flip video cameras we can all essentially take footage, transforming the nature of who can be a video artist

Watch the video for a flavour of the project.

Alvaro will be based at the Phoenix Gallery from May to July, setting up the project, holding workshops and compiling videos for the map.

Alvaro is a really nice guy too, as well as a complete whiz on editing techniques and transforming a basic amateur video into something really unique.

Take your own video footage of Brighton at a FREE workshop

A couple of us did a workshop with Alvaro last week and its really great fun - informative, interesting and well thought out. We'll post our videos for all to see when they're ready.

In the meantime if you want to find out more, check out the Video Art Mapping Blog.

And if you want to get involved (definitely recommended) Alvaro is holding a series of FREE workshops - the next one is on 30th May (10-4) at the Phoenix Gallery (advance registration required). You don't need expensive techy equipment - a mobile phone, with video capacity, or a Flip video camera is all you'll need.


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