Thursday, 6 May 2010

Brighton Festival Launch Weekend Video

If you haven't noticed yet (how could you not!) it's the annual Brighton Festival at the moment.

But did you know Brighton actually has FOUR festivals going on during May?

As well as the ever growing Brighton Festival with its cornupcopia of all things cultural, there's also the Fringe Festival for everything a little more artsy and anarchic, the fantastic Artists' Open Houses (probably the biggest free arts festival in Britain) and the adrenaline rush of the Great Escape (a must for muso lovers everywhere).

So, with so much going on, we sent Fat Sand out with their video cameras at the weekend to drum up a whirlwind, visual 60 seconds roundup of the festivities so far.

Check out the video below.

Don't worry though - there are still 18 days left to get your knashers round some Festival action...

Visit our Festivals in Brighton section to find out more...

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