Thursday, 15 October 2009

Download a new Brighton map!

There's nothing more annoying than getting lost when you thought you knew where you were going. Well, perhaps its just me that does it - but it is annoying.

A particularly memorable example was in La Paz in Bolivia (impressed much how i casually dropped that in) when I searched for almost an entire day for the famous Witches Market. A high point was being at one end of the city, convinced I was within seconds of the market, only to be told in hyper speed Spanish that it was the 'other' end of the city. To cut a long story short the market was 10 seconds from my hotel.

Download a Brighton walking map
So to avoid any visitors doing that in Brighton (difficult with the Royal Pavilion as it kind of sticks out!) we've created some great new downloadable walking maps to help guide you around the city. Marked with key landmarks and attractions, they are part of the new Brighton Wayfinding Scheme. (Look out for the new monolith, minilith and finger posting signage around the city.)

3 new Brighton maps to choose from
There are 3 new maps to choose from:
A compact city, Brighton is a great place to explore on foot. In fact most things are within 10-15 minutes of the city centre.

If I'd had one of these in La Paz I may have saved myself an awful lot of time! And my feet would have hurt less. The witches were nice when I got there though. In fact one saved me from getting run over. It was a successful day...



Lilidoleron said...

Thanks for these maps !
I'm franch and I'll visit Brighton in one week
I'll stay 4 days and I think I will love this town !

Lilidoleron said...

Thanks a lot for these maps !
I'll stay 4 days in Brighton next week and think I'll enjoy this town ;)