Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Brighton's Nikky French's Mechanical Mash-up

I never expected to find my foot tapping to a car door slam, but a few moments ago it was.

Why? Well, Brighton based musician/producer Nikky French is the running to win a competition featuring a track that is created from nothing but the sounds of the Hyundai i30.

Sounds bit conceptual right? Well, no - Nikky's entry is really good. Check it out below:

Nikky's entry in 3rd place
Nikky is in 3rd place too, just a few votes behind the leader.

Nikky has been making electronic music for 12 years, but only started remixing last year. His entry was created by using the original car noise recordings taken from the Hyundai i30, and has already received an influential thumbs-up from car and some-time music enthusiast, editor of What Car? magazine, Steve Fowler.

Other entries have come from across of the country, some have kept their remixes pure and used nothing but the car sound samples, whilst others have added extra layers of music, synthesizers and drums.

Vote for Nikky online
If you like Nikky's carsome beats, you can register your vote for him online.

Brighton based Danny Barnes has also made the shortlisted entries. Voting ends 31st October 09.

Should I mention my initial confusion with Nicky French of Eurovision 2000/crooner of dance version of Total Eclipse of the Heart fame? Probably not.


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