Thursday, 19 March 2009

Trying not to twitter my life away...

We have only recently signed up to Twitter, I say 'we' it was actually our lovely web mistress Sarah. I'll be honest I wasn't entirely sure exactly how we would use it, although since we've launched it Sarah has been getting increasingly attached to Twitter and our followers.

However Sarah is on annual leave for a couple of weeks and so she asked if I could keep an eye on it for her. So on Monday I was a little cautious about logging on as I had visions of all the followers disappearing. But I'm actually starting to get into it, it's a great way to just get snippets of information out to people, just the headlines of what's happening and what's coming up. Although the real joy is the interactivity of it, for example the other day someone asked what the temperature was like, should they don their shorts and as I'd just come back in from lunch I was able to answer him. Plus I'm getting to learn things, as today someone tweeted to say that the Radio 4 afternoon play 'Baring Up' was set in Brighton, as I'm not familiar with this play I had a look on Google and it turns out it's a fictional story of a woman trying to set up the first naturist beach. Whatever next?

Despite my initial reservations I have to admit it does look like there is potential for Twitter and VisitBrighton, it's a great way to communicate with all the Brighton fans out there, we'll be able to discuss ideas with them and as a thank you to our first group of followers we have already had a special Twitaway so the possibilities are endless...

Anyway if you want to know what all the fuss is about then join in at:


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