Thursday, 12 March 2009

Brighton Sculpture trail

Someone tweeted us on Twitter and said how much they liked the Brighton Sculpture Trail we link to on our site.

There is SO much diverse sculpture in Brighton, the sheer amount is quite an eye opener in itself.

The trail is really fascinating and well put together and offers a great opportunity to discover sculpture around the city and learn about its history. It was done by the National Recording Project for Sussex and you can download it via our site.

With such a rich sculptural heritage in the city, the trail makes a great thing to do for a few hours. You'll get to find out about the Kiss Wall, doughnut sculpture and some of the famous icons around the city, as well as quite a few you may not know much (or anything!) about...

Thanks to the National Recording Project for Sussex for allowing us to link to the Trail.

Let us know what your favourite Brighton sculpture is...



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