Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Brighton is the happiest place to live

As you may have gathered from the press trips I have written about recently, part of my job is to handle press enquiries. This can sometimes include providing quotes for people writing about our lovely city, and once you've written the e-mail it's very easy to forget about it until you get a call from your Grandad to tell you that you have been quoted in the local paper!

Allow me to elaborate... a couple of weeks ago I had a call to tell me that Brighton had been revealed as the happiest place to live according to a survey from O2. This is because 94% of Brighton residents think they have a happy home, well above the average of 84%. Anyway they asked if I could give them a quote on what we thought of the survey results, and so I e-mailed them the following reply:

‘’We’re not surprised to hear that Brighton has the happiest homes. We have all the benefits of living in a city – such as the culture, shopping, restaurants and nightlife – with the added bonus of being by the sea which keeps us relaxed and calm. Also, as Brighton is a compact place, people generally walk around: this means they get to know their neighbours, adding to the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the city.”

I did say they could cut it down but they left it as it was, so apart from appearing in our local paper I was surprised to see my name popping up on Sky News, GMTV and in The Sun who generously promoted me to Tourism Chief (sorry Adam!)

So there we have it, Brighton is the happiest place to live. Why not visit our website to see why, and for those of you who live here do you think my quote was right or do you have another reason for being happy? And if you used to be happy living here but had to move away then why not tell us about it and take part in our Brighton Revisited competition?


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