Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Am I mising something?

The last few concerts I have been to I have got seated tickets, either because the standing tickets had all sold out or because it was a stadium gig, such as Bruce Springsteen last week so we could only afford to sit up in the gods, which as it was raining was no bad thing! Before moving on I must just praise Bruce as he really put the younger acts who struggle to do an hour set to shame, as he delivered a high energy performance for two and three quarters hours, proving that he is still 'The Boss'

Anyway back to the point, last night I went to see the Pigeon Detectives at Brighton Dome, and we had got standing tickets which I had been very pleased about because I love the band and their music is ideal for jumping around too. This is all very well at home but of course at a concert there are more people and a complete lack of respect for anyone's personal space, so you either end up getting stepped on, someone's hair up your nose, some impossibly tall oaf or flailing arms in your face. The mosh pit is something I have never understood either, I do like bouncing around to a song, but why you need to jump and barge into other people I don't know. But just as I was looking on thinking how relieved I was not to be in the middle of all that lot getting bruised and battered, someone collided into me, desperate to get stuck in. I started to think that it was possibly an age thing as I'm now closer to 30 than 20, but there were plenty of people older than me who were loving it. Am I missing something? Were you in the mosh pit last night, why do you love it so much? As for me I think next time I'll get a seat as then you still have the option of getting up and dancing but you also have a degree of space, the chair zone if you will.

Should briefly mention the actual gig before I sign off - the support act was Pete and the Pirates which we were pleased about as we'd missed seeing them at the Great Escape and they were good, although surprisingly geeky looking, I swear one of them was Bill Gates’ son! As for the Pigeon Detectives themselves they did not disappoint me, and as ever the main chap (oh dear such a fan and yet I don't know his name!) was full of energy, jumping around like a maniac but still polite enough to say 'ta Brighton' after every song, I was also very impressed that they didn't do the silly encore business either :)


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Andy said...

Bruce Rocks :-)