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5 Things you will only find in Brighton

Today we welcome another guest poster, travel writer Rohit Agarwal picks his 5 favourite things you can only see in Brighton & Hove.... 

One of England’s most vibrant cities perched upon the seaside is Brighton, which is a popular tourist destination when it comes to weekend getaways. Shopping, festivals, nightlife, regal architecture, beaches and piers with arcades and amusement activities have all collectively made Brighton quite the tourist attraction in England. It being an hour away from London by train also helps if you’re thinking of a single day trip, which is usually what people choose to go by. With Brighton’s charming sights to see, here are some things that can only be thoroughly enjoyed in Brighton.

1. North Laine Graffiti

Photo by Dominic Alves, CC BY 2.0
Brighton prides itself on its incredible art that it inherits from the classical era where art was highly prevalent. It would only be natural for Brighton to have some contemporary street art that is so brilliant that you’d end up spending hours admiring the intricate work that street artists have created on the walls of North Laine. Along with North Laine being the most popular spot of Brighton what with its markets, restaurants and cafes, gift shops, hotels, and vintage stores and exhibits, the street art and graffiti blends into the appealing factors of the city. The most talented of artists and painters have designed spectacular art on the walls of North Laine, and don’t be surprised if you find an artist or two high up on a ladder spray painting their time away. It’ll be an unforgettable sight to see in Brighton, which is why North Laine is such a popular part of the seaside city.

2. Choccywoccydoodah

Photo by David Skinner, CC BY 2.0
What’s not to like when there’s a perfect blend of art and chocolate? This amazing chocolate dedicated place in Brighton goes by calling itself a ‘chocolaterie’, which brings together some of the best artists creating unusual chocolate combos and delicacies that one just can’t forget easily. They not only have expert artists and bakers working on their famous wedding cakes, chocolate toys, chocolate sculptures, gifts, pets and almost everything under the sun. You ask for it and Choccywoccydoodah will have their team working on providing you with the best chocolate experience you will ever have in your life. This is Brighton’s most popular and interesting place among the other equally amazing things one can do. But since it’s chocolate, there’s really nothing else a chocolate lover would rather do than head over to Choccywoccydoodah for an indulgent time with chocolate.

3. Brighton Dome Events

Flaming Lips Concert at Brighton Dome: Credit - Victor Frankowski
Whether it is classical arts, indulgence of heritage and history, the Brighton festival of arts, or splendid performances including those of theatre, dance, music, literature, comedy, film, and visual arts among many others, Brighton Dome has everything for everyone. Events take place every month with a lot of interesting opportunities for tourists to enjoy, where one can experience creations of traditional and classic artists but also contemporary dancers, musicians, theatre performers and the likes. There are endless things to experience at Brighton Dome, which is why it’s such an unavoidable place in the city that every tourist visits at least once.

4. Annual Brighton Marathon

Photo by Mike_fleming, CC BY-SA 2.0
You can either participate or just watch the annual Brighton Marathon which is held every year in April during the month’s first weekend. Over 150,000 onlookers are present during the marathon that goes across the seafront, making it one of the most amazing weekends a visitor spends in Brighton. If you’re a participant, you get to run across the smoothest and fastest marathon course with some of the best sights of Brighton at your fingertips. The route consists of stops like the North Laine, the Pier, the Royal Pavilion, Kemp Town etc. which is quite exciting to witness during the annual marathon.

5. The Royal Pavilion

Photo by David B Young, CC BY-SA 2.0
This uniquely built home of Prince George, the Prince of Wales, between the 1700s to the 1800s, the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture in the Royal Pavilion is an unusual sight in Brighton. The rooms inside the royal home depict the different eras of the British lifestyle, and the outer portion of the Royal Pavilion bears a striking resemblance to the Taj Mahal in India. The Royal Pavilion was built in the Regency period of the British era represents the awfully luxurious lifestyle that the British royal families enjoyed during their time, and with the rooms displaying the very crux of British standard of living, it’s certainly an interesting sight to visit in Brighton. The Royal Pavilion is no longer used as a residence, and is now open to the public as a museum.

There is so much more a tourist can do while at Brighton, what with its endless opportunities of enjoyment during a weekend getaway, but if you’ve got the time, hit the above places and you’ll have yourself some great pictures!

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