Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Go, Go, Go Joseph

Way way back many centuries ago I went to see the premier of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. Actually it was 25 years ago and I was only 8. Jason Donavon was starring and I was mesmerised!

Fast forward to 2016 and today I went to Brighton’s Theatre Royal with my mother and daughter and watched as my daughter experienced the same biblical, family friendly musical as I had done.

This time it starred the lovely Joe McElderry, winner of 2009’s X Factor, in the lead role. The narrator, with a spine-tingling voice, was played by Lucy Kay. Between the two of them they delivered an absolute joy of a show.

The songs, the costumes, the comedy and every detail of this production were epic. My daughter was excited from the moment the curtain lifted

Joseph is the story of Jacob’s favourite son. He has vivid dreams that one day his brothers will bow down to him. As a sign of his love Jacob gives Joseph a technicoloured coat. This angers his brothers and they successfully conspire to get rid of Joseph by selling him to a rich Egyptian called Potiphah. Joseph eventually ends up as the Pharaoh’s (or shall we say Elvis') right hand man and we hear this story through brilliant, catchy and well written songs.

Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice’s musical is a timeless British favourite, but this production takes it to another level of talent.

Highlights for us included the hilarious cowboy inspired ‘There’s One More Angel in Heaven’, McElderry’s haunting and powerful ‘Close Every door to Me’ and the Big Numbers sing-a-long for the audience at the end which of course included ‘Any Dream Will Do’. It was really cute to see a class of school children standing up cheering and belting the songs out at the finale.

In the end everyone was up on their feet dancing, singing along and clapping. Joseph captured everyone’s enthusiasm and we all left on a complete high.

This production is only on until Saturday 18th June so you must get your tickets to see it before it goes. It was one of the best performances I have seen so I urge you not to miss out on this sensational, highly entertaining musical.

You can get tickets at Theatre Royal box office in New Road, Brighton or from

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