Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Hetty Feather - storytelling & acting at its very best!

Last night our Conference Manager, Darren went to see Hetty Feather at the Theatre Royal Brighton. We asked him to write about it for the blog, his review is short and sweet - unlike the man himself! Only teasing, anyway here's what he thought of the show...

What a performance, what a show, Hetty Feather has everything! A stage that turns into a big top, wonderful characters, supreme acting, amazing musicians and a storyline that is genuinely moving. It takes something rather special to keep my 9 year old son captivated for over 2 hours but Hetty Feather did just that. Asked on the way home what he thought the best part of the show was, “all of it” was the reply’. 

Catch the Show while you can, it’s storytelling and acting at its very best’

Thanks Darren. Hetty Feather is on at the Theatre Royal Brighton until Sunday 2nd August.

Phoebe Thomas as Hetty and Nikki Warwick as Mdm Adeline with Company. Credit: Donald Cooper
Phoebe Thomas as Hetty with Company. Credit: Donald Cooper

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