Friday, 14 November 2014

Dinner at Las Iguanas

Brighton's Las Iguanas has been given a makeover and so we were kindly invited down to take a look. On the way over I realised that while their happy hour is a well-known treat I had never actually eaten in the restaurant so I was looking forward to trying some South American fayre.

As it was a damp and dreary evening the warm colours of the restaurant were a particularly welcome sight and we felt very cosy in our curved yellow banquette. Fans of people-watching are well-served as if you are sat in the raised dining area (as we were) then you can watch your fellow diners whereas if you are on ground level you can make use of the floor-to-ceiling windows and watch the world go by.

There was plenty of choice on the menu including veggie, vegan and gluten-free options but after lots of umming and ahhing we decided to go for the classic chicken enchiladas. The portions are generous although I'm glad the waiter suggested having a side dish, not because we needed it but just because the sweet potato fries were lovely.

The enchiladas were delicious and I was feeling pretty stuffed so was about to decline a dessert when the waiter suggested we could share some churros, and we could always take some home if needs be. Well who could say no to that?! It turns out there was no need for the doggy bag as the churros were irresistibly scrumptious. They came with two dipping pots - one with caramel sauce and the other chocolate. The caramel was nice but if chocolate is an option then that's what I'm having! 

I'm glad that I finally got to eat in Las Iguanas and I'll definitely be going back again, the churros alone is reason enough for a return visit! I also think this would be a good venue for a group outing as there are lots of rounded tables and dishes that would be ideal for sharing.


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