Thursday, 23 October 2014

Brighton Early Music Festival – A Treat for the Curious

Today we hand over to another of our guest bloggers - Georgina Hawkins who is a Graduate Trainee working for the Brighton Early Music Festival (BREMF)...

This is my first year going to Brighton Early Music Festival and I must say I am really excited. As a trainee for the festival I have been working behind the scenes, using everything from violas to cupcakes to hype up the festival (and I still have a few ideas up my sleeve!) I am really enjoying being a part of the BREMF team, it's giving me great experience promoting something I love, what more could I ask for?

I absolutely love early music, which makes it almost impossible to choose my favourite event. Once again BREMF has put on a range of performances which really do cater for everyone. The festival brings the vibrancy and creativity of Brighton to Early Music which I think is really unique and makes early music even more fascinating.

I am particularly excited to see Grand Tour Shorts, performed by an array of artists on Saturday 1st November. It looks to be an exotic and interesting event involving lots of different styles of music. We are exploring Music for Compline (25th Oct), uncovering Bach’s Secret Addiction (2nd Nov) and will be feeling the Passions of Venice (24th Oct); it’s going to be so exciting!

Photo Credit: Eric Richmond
BREMF is early music at its best and really accessible. Not only this, but it does something new with music every year, it really does keep you on your toes.

One of my duties as a trainee is to promote on social media, and this year we have #lovemusic on facebook and twitter. It’s one of the ways we’re getting early music out into the world and I am looking forward to see who tweets it during the festival. If you #lovemusic and want to experience something new, then you should come and try the Brighton Early Music Festival. 

So what more could you want? If you're even just the tiniest bit curious come along to one of our events and see what we are about! Early music can be enjoyed by anyone, that’s what #lovemusic is about.

Highlights from 26 events include:
  • The Night Shift - 17/10 @20:30, The Marlborough Pub & Theatre.
    Two half-hour sets of laid back classical from the OAE in the pub
  • Passions of Venice - 24/10 @ 22:00, St George’s Church, Kemptown.
    Half an hour of passionate music from romantic renaissance Venice.  Don’t forget your mask!
  • Music for Compline - 25/10 @ 22:15, St Bartholomew’s Church.
    A cappella music by candle light from 16th Century England.  Free event.
  • The Grand Tour Shorts - 1/11 from 11:00, Latest Music Bar.
    Half hour slots throughout the day featuring new generation artists.
  • Bach’s Secret Addiction - 2/11 @ 14:00 and 16:30, The Old Market, Hove.
    Pure indulgence and decadence, 18th Century style.  Coffee, cakes and music.
  • Nine Daies Wonder - 7/11 @ 20:00, St George’s Church, Kemptown.
    The longest dance ever! A wild evening of music, dance and strange instruments from Elizabeth England.
Tickets from £5.
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