Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Scooby-Doo: The Mystery of the Pyramid

Last thing I thought I wanted to do was head straight out after work for a theatre date with Scooby Doo and the gang but hey it's amazing what a change of scene can do for your spirits; even if you don't have time to eat!

Louis with his Scooby sticker & spinner
My seven year old, Louis, was raring to go and after a hot bus ride into town we arrived just in time for curtain call but then got so busy gauging what the least expensive option was merchandise -wise we actually missed the bell! Luckily we were only kept away from our seats for a few minutes before a natural paws- see what I did there- sorry, no more... We got comfortable and were soon ensconced in mystery solving mode.

First off there was a spot of audience bonding and being down in the stalls meant we were in prime position for being coaxed into clapping and hand jiving; spurred on by the characters that came among us during the first lively song. Louis' face lit up when Fred came by for a high five and couldn't believe his luck when Otto the explorer followed suit soon after. He was less impressed by a visit from the scary mummy but took it all in his stride and assured me it 'really wasn't that scary'.

The show rolled on and before I could contemplate 40 winks it was interval time and we were off to join the ice cream queue; well I'd not eaten anything since lunch time! Louis fancied pick n mix and selected a rather large bowl of assorted treats including jelly babies, fried eggs, fudge and citrus sugar coated dummies: yuk.

Back in our seats and super charged with sugar we were all set for a second half of super slick singing dancing and sleuthery. The characters were bright, believable, and just like I remembered from childhood days of TV - when there were only 3 channels and sets were strictly banned from bedrooms - and the clever set and lighting added just the right sprinkling of magic to bring the story to life.

It all ended well, of course, and the treasure plundering baddies were caught and unveiled; with a little help from Daphne's Elnett. I won't give anymore away but suffice to say that Scooby's Egyptian-themed tale made for a great evening out with my favourite little theatre companion and I would definitely recommend it as a show to go and see.

Top tips: arrive on time; have a Scooby snack before you go- Shaggy's frequent mention of pizza was quite difficult to manage on an empty stomach; wear few clothes - it's summer; and if you want to try for a high five: book the stalls.

Scooby-Doo: The Mystery of the Pyramid is on at the Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday 2nd August.


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