Thursday 29 May 2014

The Artists Open Houses Awards

Last night it was the Artists Open Houses Awards at myhotel. I have to confess when I was first leaving the office, I was feeling quite tired and part of me did just want to scurry off home, but as we were sponsoring one of  the awards this was not an option. Of course dragging a friend along always help but even so I'm very glad I did go as it was actually a very sweet and lovely event.

A lot of hard work goes into the festival, not just by the fabulous artists who exhibit their work but also behind-the-scenes by the organisers and the promoters. Last night was a great opportunity to celebrate the festival and to recognise the work that goes into it.

We were there to present the Visitor's Choice Award:

As the name implies this award was voted for by visitors to The Open House Open Exhibition at the Regency Town House, and the winner was Cristobal Ochoa. Cristobal is only 27 but he has already exhibited all over the world and in his native Venezuela he is known not only for his ceramic sculptures and paintings but also for his artistic interventions and street performances. It was a pleasure to present the award to Cristobal as he seemed to be genuinely touched to have his work recognised in this way and he commented that Brighton as a city was very welcoming to artists.

The other winners were:
  • AOH May 2015 Brochure Cover Artist - Bernard Lodge
  • AOH Artist of the Year - Tony Bowen and Joachim Lambrecht
  • The Latest's Best Open House Award - Peanut Butter Tree Arts
Judy Stevens - Artists Open Houses, Charlotte Barrow - presenter of the VisitBrighton Visitors' Choice Award (me!) and Sarah Jackson of Bullet PR
Hong Dam of Childhood Memories, Cristobal Ochoa winner of the Visitors Choice Award and Miladys Parejo of Encounters Open House
Congratulations to all the winners and to all who took part and made this year's festival such a fantastic event. And a special congratulations to our winner - Cristobal Ochoa :) Also we would like to thank Able and Willing for making the lovely award for us.

While the Artists Open Houses may be over (until Christmas at least!) we were delighted to hear that the HOUSE exhibition by Yinka Shonibare at Brighton Museum has been extended until 22 June so if you haven't been yet or fancy a second look then now's your chance!


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