Monday, 3 February 2014

Meze Lunch at Food for Friends

Even for those of us who enjoy our jobs Monday's can be an effort, but not today! This lunchtime we popped over to Food for Friends to try their new Meze lunch.

Richard and I did have a quick look at the menu before the dish arrived but either because we were talking or we were just too lazy to read it properly we didn't really take it in. This meant that when the food arrived neither of us really knew what was what but when it all looks this good, who needs to know?

Choosing what to order can sometimes take a while as you um and ah over several options, but the meze lunch was ideal as we got to try bits of lots of different things. The other bonus was the amount as usually if I go to a restaurant for lunch I end up eating too much and feeling sleepy when I get back to the office. However, instead of one heavy meal we got to sample lots of little ones and it was lighter on the stomach. Ideal for a lunchtime treat.

This also meant that I had time for a pudding, before heading back to the office, hooray! As anyone who knows me will know I will always be drawn to the chocolate option on any dessert menu. There were a couple to choose from today, but the one that won me over was the rich chocolate truffle torte.

I discovered afterwards that the pudding is actually vegan! I've no idea how they managed that as it was very chocolatey, although surely if it's vegan it's good for you, isn't it? ;)

For more details on the Meze lunch go to: I should point out that as we were returning to work this afternoon we did not have the carafe of wine so if you have any non-drinkers in your party then we can heartily recommend the Ginger Zinger.


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