Monday, 25 November 2013

Soup and Crumb

One of the biggest challenges we face is getting across the message that Brighton & Hove is not just a summer destination. Of course everyone loves to be by the sea when it is hot and sunny but there is so much more to the city than just being out in the sunshine. To find out just how much is going on this winter why not check out our Christmas pages - Ok shameless plug over with so let's get back to the point....

We are not the only ones faced with this challenge, let's be honest how many of us say we fancy an ice cream when it's freezing cold outside? So rather ingeniously Scoop & Crumb have introduced a new menu for winter - Soup & Crumb (do you see what they did there?)! As I'm sure you've worked out they have just launched a range of soups. The menu does include savoury soups, in fact m'colleague Richard tried the Green Lentil & Bacon and assured me it tasted every bit as delicious as it smelled. However rather unusually the menu also includes three sweet soups: Hot Spiced Plum; Hot Raspberry and, the one that caught my eye, Hot Chocolate Soup. Well of course I just had to try that!

The chocolate was scrummy - proper chocolate rather then just sugary flavoured syrup. As you can see you do still get a scoop of ice cream, which was delicious and also means the soup cools down quite quickly which is good as it means you can dive straight in to the deliciousness :) As with their ice-creams all of the soups are made on the premises using fresh ingredients.

Plus ice cream fanatics will be pleased to hear that Scoop & Crumb do still sell ice-creams including a winter menu of treats which can be pre-ordered to enjoy at home with flavours including: Mince Pie & Rum Custard; Pear & Ginger; Christmas Pudding & Single Malt and Roasted Plum Crumble.

So when you're enjoying your Winter Break in Brighton make sure you pop in to Scoop & Crumb to try one of their warming treats.


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