Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A night of cabaret...

Last week a couple of us were invited to a showcase night at Proud Cabaret. I had been to the venue many years ago but not since Proud had taken over, and having heard good reviews I was keen to see what it was like.

Of course the first thing that strikes you is the building itself, which was originally built as a mausoleum including a large dome similar in style to the Royal Pavilion. Here's a shot of the dome from the inside:

Of course my rough shot doesn't really do it justice but hopefully this will give you an idea. Once inside we were all seated at rounded table in the traditional cabaret style. After a delicious meal it was time for the main event... 

Our MC for the night was Coco, who looked absolutely fabulous and had a powerful, sultry singing voice. We were then treated to three burlesque cabaret acts, including a male performer! Admittedly he didn't wear nipple tassels but he was very limber. I think there is often the assumption that burlesque is salacious but it has to be said that all the performances were artistic and showed impressive acrobatic and dance skills. Of course it was quite revealing but, to quote Kenny Everett, it was all in the best possible taste! Think cheeky rather than outrageous.

After the cabaret there was then the option to stay on and dance the night, although as it was a school night we decided to be sensible and head home. So overall we had a great time and would love to go back again, although I think this is the sort of venue that works best with a group of you. The great thing about Proud is that you can have meal, a show and dancing all under one roof. We've all been in that annoying predicament where you need to move on to the restaurant but someone is being slow to move or you get there and realise you've left someone behind. Whereas a trip to Proud for the night would avoid all that hassle.

For more professtional photos from the night check the Facebook page and for more details about Proud Cabaret go to: http://brightoncabaret.com


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