Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Blue/Orange at Theatre Royal Brighton

Our beloved Theatre Royal Brighton recently launched its own production company and earlier this year the company's first play, Dandy Dick, was staged and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So when I heard that their next production was going to be the award-winning Blue / Orange starring Robert Bathurst, I had high expectations.

Luckily I was not disappointed, when I tried to give a synopsis of the play to my colleagues this morning I didn't do a very good job so I think this time I'll copy the description from the site:
A young patient is convinced that a notorious military dictator is his father. Bruce, a junior psychiatric doctor wants to do further tests and plan longer care. Robert, a senior consultant, wants to thrust him back into the community. A riveting, compelling and witty battle of freedom and ambition unfolds.

Production shot of (L-R) Gerard McCarthy, Robert Bathurst & Oliver Wilson.

Naturally the subject of mental health is a sensitive one and while the play could have been heavy-going, the witty script ensured that this wasn't the case. Robert Bathurst was on top form and his performance was a masterclass in comic timing. However with only three cast members, they all need to be good and thankfully this was the case. Oliver Wilson was very convincing as the patient caught in the middle of a battle of wills and we all felt for Gerard McCarthy, the poor young doctor trying to do the right thing for his patient.

So I think the Theatre Royal Productions have another success on their hands, and I can't wait to see what their next play will be. Blue / Orange will be in Brighton until Saturday 22nd September before going on a nation-wide tour.


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If I could intrude on your blog entry, I'd like to throw you the link for the review I wrote for Blue/Orange, if I may, for website CultBox: