Monday, 6 August 2012

June's Flickr Competition Winner Blog


The prodigal daughter has returned!

We’ve been busy with our Flickr competitions, some amazing photos have been winning our monthly competitions. Check out our Flickr group here: 

In July our theme was Love Jubilees, LoveBrighton, and we had some great shots of the city, flags everywhere! The winner of July’s competition was Ta King, who has written a blog entry for us below. Have a read, and check out her images!

Peace out,

Siobhan x  

On the Jubilee Sunday June 3rd 2012 we decided to check out some cafe places in Upper Kemp Town. I always have a camera with me all the time, at least one. That day I had my Olympus Pen E-P2 with the Pancake 17mm F2.8 lens with me. As we were passing Charlotte Street with a retro looking cafe at the corner, I looked out towards the sea and I noticed this pink Victorian building with lots of union jack buntings. We did walk pass but after a couple of minutes I had this familiar feeling that I was about to miss some good shots. I told Tony, my partner, that I had to go back to take some pictures of that pink building and I did.

It turned out to be a Hotel, Brighton Marina House Hotel. I took two shots one overly exposed so the flags stood out and the other one is this shot that won me the prize. Being an amateur photographer and a camera-mad person, I took pictures for fun and never thought that I would win anything. I am so very pleased and it inspires me to take more pictures, the way I like. 

I had my first digital camera in the year 2003. It's plastic with MP3 player. I really loved it and I thought I would never want to go back to film again. Then I came across Lomo Lc-a and I fell in love with it. I spent all my life trying to fit the Minitar-1 lens on to digital cameras. I took a lot of good cameras apart to take the lens out and replaced it with the Minitar-1 lens. It was good fun. I had no knowledge of anything photography, I still don't know a lot even now. I know I wanted to make it focus to infinity and make it stay and that's about it. I ended up buying a Canon 5D full frame camera for sole reason, so the minitar-lens can show its full effect. Long story short, the back of the lens hits the mirror. I nearly shaved off part of the mirror to make it curve but I stopped myself. These days there are a lot of cameras with Lomo type effects and I had my hands on most of them, still my ultimate goal is to have the Minitar-1 lens fit with adjustable focus on a full frame camera. That's my story. 

I have lived in Brighton for nearly 20 years. Ever since I started taking pictures, I took some almost everyday and I still find things that catch my eyes every time I am out and about. I love Brighton!  

Ta King

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