Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Brighton Olympic Torch Relay - 17th July 2012

Being a little disappointed (well very actually!) that for one reason and another I missed the Olympic Torch last night, I got up bright and early to get to the Pavilion for 7.20am for this morning's Torch lighting.

As the bus veered off course into Preston Drove at 7.07am, I had visions of missing it again. Neither a diverted bus or my feet were going to get me to the Pavilion in 13 minutes! Oops.

The torch is alight!
The Olympic Torch Lighting at the Royal Pavilion
I jumped off anyway, and started running down London Road frantically pushing my one year old in her buggy, whose hair by this time was vertical in the wind. I only made it to Preston Circus before we heard the distant sounds of what must have been the relay, so we stopped and stood in what turned out to be a great spot near the Duke of York's Cinema.

As the Torch came by a bit of lump came into my throat - there is something about a large crowd of people all turning out together for a common cause that is quite emotional.

Especially when your one year old is waving a flag with a big smile on her face, as she bounces around to the Freemasons...God speed Olympic Torch!

Oh and thanks to a more organised colleague we did capture the Torch lighting at the Pavilion above, not to mention the rather fabulous patriotic punks below...

Thanks John!

The Olympic Torch as it passes down London Road
The Torch runner - London Road
Patriotic punks turn out for the Torch!
Thank You GB Coca Cola lorry

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Rob Martin said...

All round I think Brighton & Hove have excelled with regards to bringing the Olympic experience to the area. What with the torch relay and now the big screen on the beach, it's been great.