Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The power of social media

Like the majority of people I use social media a lot both at work and at home, but even so I'm still sometimes surprised but just how quickly it can achieve results...

Our conference team are in the process of putting together a new sales brochure and the design agency had included a fantastic photo to represent the spirit of the city. However there was a slight snag, while the photographer had given his permission for the photo to be used we did not know who the man in the photo was and therefore had no way of asking him to sign a model release form.

Feeling slightly desperate we decided that as a long shot we would try asking our Twitter and Facebook followers not really expecting to get anywhere. Anyway low and behold within the hour we had our man! Best of all thanks to a little bit of flattery he generously gave his permission for us to use the photo so thank you @PlumptonMatthew :)

So it just goes to show the power of social media!


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