Friday, 8 July 2011

Dinosaurs are alive in Brighton!

When I was younger one of my favourite days out was to the Natural History Museum (oh who am I kidding I still love it!) and of course the main reason for this was always the dinosaurs and I still feel a rush of excitement when I walk through the door and see Dippy the large cast of the Diplodicus.

However the trip that most sticks in my mind is the time they had a moving dinosaurs exhibition which featured an array of animatronic dinosaurs, so I was very excited to hear that these moving dinosaurs were coming to Brighton! And like most visitors to the city the dinosaurs headed straight for the shops... The exhibition is on now at the Churchill Square Shopping Centre and will be there until 4th September. I should of course point out that the exhibition is not on the same scale as the Natural History Museum becasue this is a smaller venue, however it is still well worth a visit and it does include the original bad boy - Tyrannosaurus Rex.

After visiting Churchill Square why not continue your dino themed day out with a visit to the Booth Museum of Natural History which includes a variety of dinosaur bones alongside a host of other natural history exhibits.

You could then round off your day with afternoon tea at the Hilton Brighton Metropole as while there are no dinosaurs in sight the building was designed by the same architect as the Natural History Museum - how's that for a link?!

L - Natural History Museum R - Hilton Brighton Metropole
I'm sure you all knew that anyway but thought I should clarify just in case!


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