Friday, 24 June 2011

Aloha Aloka!

First of all I feel I must apologise for the title of this post as Aloka has nothing to do with Hawaii but I just couldn't resist it!

Anyway getting back to the point... For those who are not familiar with Aloka, or to give it it's full name Aloka Quality of Life Centre, I will try to describe it. As the name suggests the aim is to offer visitors a complete well being experience this includes treatments, yoga, a crystal shop plus a cafe and a vegan restaurant. Of course the best way to get a feel for the place is to pop in and see for yourself.

So why am I telling all you this? Well this week the centre launched their creative space with an inaugural exhibition entitled Mandalas by Barry Stevens. Obviously I am well aware what Mandalas are but I'll include a definition for those not in the know - Mandalas are patterns of energy and colour, conducive to meditation and creating a peaceful and healing atmosphere. Below is a photo of Barry Stevens with some of his work -

The exhibition will be on at Aloka until 22nd July so do pop along and have a look as the images fit perfectly with the venue. I can say this as I was at the launch event on Tuesday night with the other lovely ladies of the VisitBrighton Marketing team -

L - R: Ruth, Siobhan, Alix & Charlotte (me!)

So thank you to Aloka and JBPR for inviting us along and also thank you to Graham Franks for the photographs.


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