Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Artists' Open Houses

The Brighton Festival is unbelievably almost over and I hope all festival-goers have had a great time exploring the cultural folly of this wonderful city. I have been waxing-lyrical about the Artists’ Open Houses festival, which has taken place over every weekend of our festival season.

This weekend is the final and last chance to explore the beautiful and inspiring houses our city has to offer, and I have developed my very own artistic journey of discovery, encapsulating aspects of the Artists’ Open Houses which have caught my fancy. I have given codes after each venue, which relate to the Artists' Open Houses maps.

This weekend, I plan to explore the Open Houses in central Hove, actually, with the Albert Mews Studio (h11 on the AOH map) offering an eclectic mix of print, fashion, ceramics and textiles (appealing to all senses of my creative side) as well as homemade cakes (appealing to my greedy side) yum! Next on my list is The Claremont (h10), with over 200 pieces of diverse art, including explorations of colour with Rachael Adams and delicate cartophilic (maps…) cut-outs with Amy Hope. Maps lead me to ‘Polish & Pin’ at 23 Wilbury Gardens (h3), and a spot of lunch with Flutterby Bakery (I’m not always eating, honest).

I then want to take a look around the grand squares of Brunswick Town, including fine art and jewellery displays from nationally acclaimed artists at ‘Studio 323’ (bt3) in Palmeira Square, and, royal wedding fever alert, the recognisable ceramics of Fiona Howard at ’55 Brunswick Square’ (bt12).

In the centre of town, I want to take a stroll along the seafront arches, especially ‘Arch 229’ (c8) and take a look at the quirky and kitsch ceramics on offer. I’ll quickly take a mooch up Trafalgar Street and head to ‘One in the House’ (c14), mooching back down to see the illustrative delights of ‘3 St George’s Place’ (c18).

Donya Coward, French Bulldog

My old stomping-ground, Kemptown, offers an eclectic world of creation, which deserves a full separate day’s exploration; there are cafes, bars, restaurants and a remarkable mix of modern, Georgian and archaic architecture and a wealth of local inspiration to delight the senses. I aim to start at ‘Kelly Sweeny & Co’ (k7) to see the vibrant screen-printing on offer as well as textural embellished canvases by Rebecca Morgan-Jones. I’ll then head to ‘The House of Curiositea’ (k4) to enjoy the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party-esque experience of ‘surprises around every corner’.

I then plan to amble up to College Road, and have a look inside the many Open Houses being proffered, such as the iconic black and white local photography of Kay Masterson Coulthurst (k15) and monochrome images of James R. Gordon (k13) and the ceramics and secluded walled garden from ‘31Art’ (k14). I might then head up to The Rock (k27), my old local, to (eat) take a look at the local artwork on offer and the Embroiderers' Guild’s exhibition ‘Regency Brighton Revealed’. After lunch, I’ll mosey on round to Arundel Mews, and revel in the imposing print-makers of ‘bip-Art Printmaking Workshop’ (k27), and the tactile ‘House of Cardigan’ (k28) studio, perhaps to purchase some home-wares, and then to get on the next number 1 bus home, completely cultured!

Kate Jenkins, Seafood Salad

Whatever your plans for the final weekend of the festival, have a great time, and if you have any Open Houses trails or experiences of your own, please feel free to share them with us and the rest of Brighton!

Laters people,


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polkadot_kat said...

The House of Cardigan sounds awesome but it might be a bit stuffy in this weather? :P Great recommends. Thanks!