Monday, 29 March 2010

Win a £50 voucher for Beyond Retro

Come on - you know you want a new 40s tea dress.

Or maybe a 70s jump suit a la Charlie's Angels? Or was it just me that wanted to be Farah Fawcett Majors? It always amazed me that her 70s slow motion flick of the hair action didn't have one the other angels' eyes out. Although truth be known i secretly wanted to be her husband Lee Majors - until I realised the bionic bit in his arm wasn't actually real.

Seriously though, if you do want a jump suit or tea dress, or in fact anything else a little bit, or indeed a lot, retro - get yourself down to Beyond Retro in Brighton's funky North Laine. It's a treasure trove of all things vintage.

Vintage garb that doesn't burn your pocket
Although I've reached an age when 15 year olds look at you a bit tragically when you wear anything too uber retro, hence passing on the jump suit, I did manage to bag myself a rather nice pair of brown cowboy type boots for £30 there recently. Although, again probably because i've passed 35, I felt a relentless urge to cover them in lovely new brown tan boot polish - you know, the ones with the foamy bit where it squeezes out. So, ur they probably aren't very vintage anymore.

But anyway, it' a great shop - isn't over priced and offers an array of great vintage garb from accessories to shoes to everyday funky wear. It's Brighton’s largest vintage treasure trove and offers stand-out sartorial style choices and a warm welcome to everyone who enters the store.

Famous for sourcing well preserved pieces that chronicle a century of style, you can find Beyond Retro at 42 Vine Street - just behind Brighton's Jubilee Library, near to Bills and the Farm Cafe.

Win a £50 voucher to spend at Beyond Retro
Oh and we've got a competition running at the moment too, where we've teamed up with the funky monkeys at Beyond Retro to give away a £50 voucher for one lucky person to spend to their heart's stylish content! Enough for a couple of tea dresses I reckon...

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