Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Family fun in Brighton

Ordinarily I am probably the least likely person to write a family themed blog post as you'd more likely find me talking about an upcoming music or comedy event. However there are two family events coming up which caught my eye...

The first one is a Fairy Tale puppet show this Sunday as the Brighton Toy & Model Museum present Elfin Grove's production of the classic Brother's Grimm Fairy Tale - 'The Queen Bee'. The production will include a live musician and there will be two showings on Sunday 16th August, one at 11.30am and another at 2.30pm. Tickets cost £5 and are available to buy at the museum.

The other event which caught my attention was the fact that throughout August you can play croquet at Preston Manor but not just ordinary croquet but Alice in Wonderland style with flamingo mallets and playing card hoops! It is £10 per person and please book in advance for a 2 hour slot.

I could pretend that I wanted to write about the above events purely because of their literary connections but it's probably got more to do with the fact that it's a good excuse to show a clip of the classic Disney version of Alice in Wonderland:


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