Friday, 10 October 2008

More awards for Brighton!

Obviously as I work for VisitBrighton I am always on the look out for news stories about the city, but as I've been here a while it seems I have managed to brainwash my family and friends, as my mum very sweetly alerted me to a news story that I had somehow overlooked, so thanks Mum!

The Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital has been named Britain's best Public Building, beating the other 20 building's on the shortlist to win the Prime Minister's Better Public Buliding award. The building was built in the shape of an ark and has bright bands of colour, well rather than trying to describe it why don't I just add a picture for you:

Back in 2005 the same award was won by Brighton's Jubilee Library, which was chosen becasue of the fact that it is environmentally friendly as it features low energy consumption, low embodied energy and recycled rainwater. Although personally I like it becasue as the glass fronted exterior looks stunning, especially at night:

There you are then, yet antoher reason to visit Brighton, as apart from the well known architectural delights of the Royal Pavilion and the Regency squares there are all sorts of less well known ones as well. So please fell free to let us know which are your favourite buildings in Brighton & Hove


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