Thursday, 18 September 2008

Winter in Brighton

I'm sorry I have been rather neglecting you all recently, the reason for this is that we have been working on a lovely Winter Guide, mainly telling people about the fantastic events happening between October - December but also including information about staying in Brighton & Hove, eating and drinking, shopping as well as a handy map and events diary.

So this week we have been busy proof-reading and fact checking, debating over whether each apostrophe was in the right place and that sort of thing. Fingers crossed we have spotted everything but it is always possible that something has slipped through the net. Anyway I've very excited about it and think the finished product will be fabulous. You'll have to wait until October to see the finished article, they will be appearing in visitor information centres across the South East as well as in train stations and workplaces in London. Although we wouldn't want anyone to feel left out so there will be an online version for people to download as well.

However I think it is safe for me to give you a sneak preview of the front cover as at least then you will know what to look out for!

Hope you like it, although being honest I don't actually want to know if you don't! Anyway that is it for now although I will be back tomorrow to tell you what has been stampeding across the Royal Pavilion Gardens...


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